I Live In The Future…..

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You will spend over 25 years of your life sleeping Over 10.3 years working. Almost 9.1 years watching TV Over 4.3 years driving a car. And almost 1.5 years in the bathroom That adds up to 48 years in an average life span of 78 years That leaves 30 years, or 10,950 days, or 260,000 hours for happiness Instagram is calling. […]

Buzzarian world

Captain’s Log – Max’s Friend, The Buzzarian

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Stardate: 3987279.4783 Space Weather:  Far Away (Parked This Time) Feeling: Drufuserated: (Confused, Drunk, and Frustrated) ______________ Docked at Mariactitus VII. Sold the remains of the Kerflufle fish and now drinking at the space dock bar. Can’t remember where the ship is parked. I tried making conversation with some of the patrons, especially those that might know […]

Water world thanks to NASA

Captain’s Log – The Meaning Of Life

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Stardate: 3987279.4783 Space Weather: Deadly asteroids Feeling: Slight Space Madness ______________ Circling the ice world of Ziggy Zarnon Kerflufle. Used the ship’s phaser to shoot a hole into the ice, and now lowering tether hooked to some rotten bacon as bait. Is ice fishing by interstellar spacecraft illegal? Sure. Is it outrageous? Only as outrageous as the […]

Black Hole in an ancient picture from NASA, a leader in space pics [Image via NASA]

Captain’s Log – The Black Hole And Jose

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Stardate: 2947195.538 Space Weather: Black hole causing an intense gravitational pull from which nothing can escape Feeling: Nostalgic ______________ Stopping at the black hole near Zenon V to dump out some Herbatal waste. As I watch the swirling masses of feces freeze in space and get sucked into the event horizon, I remember another black hole. And […]

New Year's Resolutions, in Space

Captain’s Log – New Year’s Resolutions

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Stardate: 52975263.054 Space Weather: Deadly asteroids Feeling: Slight Space Madness ______________ Day 21 of smuggling mission. Doppelganger Christmas tree alien neutralized. Ship still smells great. It’s another holiday already – New Year’s.   Irrelevant to some, I find the antiquated holiday a sign of hope in a lonely galaxy. Most aliens know nothing of the Earth and […]

Hello World Max Quasar [Image via NASA]

Captain’s Log – Hello World. It’s Me, Max.

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Star Date: 20423.023 Space Weather: Kind of nebula-ish Feeling: Tired ______________ Day four, transporting the shipment to Alpha Bermaquad 8. Atimos promises double pay, plus a generous stipend for handling costs, if we can get cargo there in less than two weeks. Ship’s engines have been at 130 percent capacity. As an emergency precaution, Vivian has […]