Buzzarian world

Captain’s Log – Max’s Friend, The Buzzarian

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Stardate: 3987279.4783
Space Weather:  Far Away (Parked This Time)
Feeling: Drufuserated: (Confused, Drunk, and Frustrated)
Buzzarian world
Buzzarian world

Docked at Mariactitus VII. Sold the remains of the Kerflufle fish and now drinking at the space dock bar. Can’t remember where the ship is parked.

I tried making conversation with some of the patrons, especially those that might know their way around a 238-story ship parking garage. Most ignored me. But I’ve made one friend, a Buzzarian named Grphz. Like all Buzzarians, he closely resembles an Earth fly. Wings. Huge compound eyes. An elongated, acid drooling snout. If it wasn’t for his green T-Shirt and cargo shorts, I would assume he was the product of a teleporter accident.

He had spent several minutes walking into the wall, trying to leave the bar, when I yelled for help. He came and sat down across from me.

He hasn’t helped me. In fact, he hasn’t said a word. But I have come to love him as a close ally on this alien world. He’s listened intently as I told of my many, many glorious stories. He has also not resisted my adding drinks to his tab, as a true friend would.

I had a brother once, I told the Buzzarian. Well, not a brother, or even a close relative. But a guy who looked like me thanks to the fickle mistress called chance. He was cunning and rich. A businessman with deep connections to the most corrupt regions of the universe. A horrible person, which is why I once agreed to kill him. Well, that and because the price on his head was too high to ignore.

I don’t normally do the whole bounty hunter thing, I explained as the Buzzarian licked at some sugar. I’m a starship captain in the honorable tradition of shipping things that are sometimes considered illegal. But I have a vast skill set thanks to my time in the Star Armada, and I hate to throw away an opportunity.

Anyway, I failed to kill that guy. He’s still around somewhere. I did one better though – I slept with his wife. Nothing more seductive than a neglected, beautiful wife.

Oh my god, I shouted while rising to my feet. My wife is still waiting in the ship. The Buzzarian stayed silent. You’re right, I explained to him.

I have now spent more than three hours screaming through the parking garage. And the ship’s alarm has finally gone off.

Time to leave – a rendevous point and my wife are waiting for me.