Hello World Max Quasar [Image via NASA]

Captain’s Log – Hello World. It’s Me, Max.

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Star Date: 20423.023
Space Weather: Kind of nebula-ish
Feeling: Tired

Hello World Max Quasar [Image via NASA]

Day four, transporting the shipment to Alpha Bermaquad 8. Atimos promises double pay, plus a generous stipend for handling costs, if we can get cargo there in less than two weeks. Ship’s engines have been at 130 percent capacity. As an emergency precaution, Vivian has been putting ice in the reactor core to keep it 5 degrees less than Planck temperature.

I’ve bunkered down on the bridge, turning off the red alert light that comes on every five minutes. Radiation levels are dangerously high. Tensions are running high (Vivian and I can’t decide on names for all the Herbatals), and we face formidable danger.

But we’re risking life and limb for the most important of goals – money. The root of all happiness.

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