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Max Quasar's Starlog:

"After years of repetitious indoctrination in the Academy berating him to keep meticulous records, Max Quasar, well known space rogue and intergalactic anti-hero always makes sure to update his Starlogs... sometimes."

These aimless flash fiction, often rambling jibberish, is our introduction to Max Quasar and his universe. Some of the entries introduce books on Kindle. Others introduce Max's greatest journey - his Escape from Planet Spider.


Advice for Writers

Look at that fancy pen I have. 

That's how you know I'm a good writer. But the fact that I took a picture of my fancy pen AND fancy writing behind it. Well that's how you know I'm a great writer. Who better to take advice from?

That's right (or should I say 'write'... no I shouldn't) - no one. Take a look at the advice that could make or break, probably break, your career.